Since the establishment of the Bureau of Weights and Measures in 1923, the Government Adjustment Agency has grown to become a Government Adjustment Agency with more than 700 employees and 10main units and 1 office in 21 local provinces. It is a 100-year-old organization.

Main functional functions:

  • Development of proposals for the improvement of the law on accreditation of standardization, technical regulation and conformity assessment, improvement of standardization and conformity assessment documents in line with international standards, raising national standards to the level of international standards, support through standardization policy for the introduction of new production, services and advanced technologies. providing assistance, developing international, regional, and bilateral standardization cooperation, organizing and coordinating the activities of standardization technical committees and subcommittees, providing professional and methodological support for activities, and determining conformity assessment policies;
  • Development of proposals for improvement of metrology law and legal environment in accordance with international standards and socio-economic requirements of the country, implementation of them, development of projects and programs for development of measurement standards, decision-making and implementation, staff calibration of metrology professional organizations and measuring instruments assessment of capabilities, licensing of professional metrology organizations, maintenance of the state unified database of metrology data, creation, design, storage, comparison and verification of state standards and standardized models, research, research and testing on metrology issues, state standard unit to provide international and national transmission, to calibrate high-precision measuring instruments, to register and accept measurement and calibration capabilities in the database of the International Organization for Weights and Measures, to simplify and improve the system of testing measuring instruments in accordance with international standards, carry out research work in the field of the use and management of unit benchmarks based on the unified benchmark laboratory and sector system, join international metrology organizations and agreements, and carry out the functions of cooperation with them;
  • Development of certification of products, services, and management systems in accordance with national and international laws, regulations, and standards, conducting conformity assessment and certification of products that use safety marks, conducting conformity assessment of organizations that have introduced international management system standards, and specializing in certification of products, services, and management systems , providing methodological support, expanding the scope, raising the awareness of users about certification activities, and thus creating conditions for them to make the right choice and increase confidence in their own activities;
  • Organization and implementation of legal acts regulating the production and services of precious metals and gemstones, improvement of the sample control system, chemical analysis of precious metals and articles made from them, determination of samples of precious metals and stamping of the state sample guarantee, issuance of certificates for recognition of gems, testing of samples inspecting the guarantee mark and resolving disputes related to samples, protecting the interests of consumers by performing analysis, smelting precious metals, improving the capabilities of the sample laboratory;
  • Accept, register, store, protect and publicize international agreements, international, regional, foreign and national standards, technical regulations, guidelines, recommendations, methods, instructions, conformity assessment procedures and other relevant normative-technical documents. Providing delivery, reporting, printing, and sales services, training, retraining, and improving the qualifications of industry personnel by organizing specialized training:
  • Organization of inspection and certification of measuring instruments used in the calculation of trade services, health, environment, and national security, development and implementation of projects and programs in the field of ensuring the uniformity of measurement, and raising the awareness of users about the verification of measuring instruments. create conditions for them to make the right choice and increase their confidence in their actions: